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Words about and related to techniques an artist uses when creating illustrations

CONTOUR: The outline or visible edges of a object or figure.
CURVATURE: The act of curving or bending; one of the characteristics of line.
DELINEATE: To draw or trace the outline of an object
DRAWING: Use of lines to depict shapes and forms on a surface such as paper.
DISPLAY: To present or exhibit artwork.
ETCHING: Printmaking method in which lines and image areas are etched into a surface prepared with an acid-resistant substance. The final work is immersed in acid, which leaves depressions in the exposed areas.
FREEHAND: Drawn by hand without the aid of tracing paper or drafting tools.
GESTURE DRAWING: The drawing of lines quickly and loosely to show movement in a subject.
PAINTERLY: A technique in which forms are created by manipulating color and tone. Media used for the painterly technique include, acrylic, gouache, oil, tempera, and watercolor.
PRINTMAKING: The transfer of an inked image from one surface (from the plate or block) to another (usually paper).
SCULPTURAL: Three-dimensional artwork that is either in the round (to be viewed from all sides) or bas relief (low relief in which figures protrude slightly from the background).
SKETCH: An drawing or painting often made as a preliminary study, not the final artwork.
STRUCTURE: The way in which parts are arranged or put together to form a whole.
STYLE: The characteristic expression of individual artists.
SUBORDINATION: Making an element appear to hold a secondary or lesser importance within a design or work of art.


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