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Words about and related to book jackets, layout, page spreads

ARTIST OR AUTHOR NOTES: Background information about the origins or process involved in creating the story or illustrations.
BOOK JACKET: The cover of the book, also called dust jacket.
COPYRIGHT PAGE: Found in the beginning of the book, usually opposite the title page..
DOUBLE-PAGE SPREAD: Illustrations that spread across both sides of an open book.
DUAL-IMAGE COVERS: Illustrations on the front and back of the cover are complementary but different from one another.
DIMENSION: A measure of a piece of art. The width, height, depth, or length.
ENDPAPERS: The glued pages inside the cover of the book are the endpapers.
FLAPS: Flaps are part of the book jacket.
FRONT MATTER: The pages after the endpapers and before the first page of the story.
FORMAT: The physical make up of a book. Includes size and shape (square, rectangular, horizontal, or vertical) of a book, as well as binding (paperback or hardcover).
HALF TITLE PAGE: The half-title page is the first page of the book and contains only the title of the work and the name of the publisher.
LAYOUT: The overall design of a picture book, including the text, illustrations, book jacket, and trim size.
RECTO: Right-hand page of a book. See also VERSO
SINGLE-IMAGE COVER: One image appears on the front of this type of cover. The back of the book may contain another small illustration or a solid color that blends with the cover.
SINGLE-PAGE ILLUSTRATION: An illustration confined to one page. Text is often opposite a single-page illustration.
WRAPAROUND COVER: Art in a wraparound cover begins on the front and wraps around to the back.
TITLE PAGE: The title page follows the half-title page and contains the full title and subtitle (if any), the author's name. any editors or translators, and the name and locations of the publisher.
VERSO: Left-hand page of a book. See also RECTO.


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