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Words about and related to design principles and picture space

ASYMMETRY: A balance of parts on opposite sides of a perceived midline, giving the appearance of unequal visual weight.
BACKGROUND: The part of the picture plane that seems to be farthest from the viewer.
BALANCE: An equal arrangement of parts in a composition, thereby creating a feeling of equilibrium in an artwork.
CONTRAST: Differences between two or more elements (e.g., value, color, texture) in a composition; juxtaposition of dissimilar elements in a work of art.
DEPTH: The three-dimensional appearance of an artwork.
DOMINANCE: The importance of the emphasis of one aspect in relation to all other aspects of a design.
DESIGN: The plan, conception, or organization of a work of art; the arrangement of independent elements (of art and design) to form a coordinated whole.
EMPHASIS: Special stress given to an element to make it stand out. One of the principles of design
FORM: Form are three-dimensional objects, that is they have height, width, and depth.
HARMONY: The principle of design that creates unity within a work of art. One of the principles of design
MOVEMENT: The application of design that deals with the creation of action. One of the principles of design
PATTERN: A repeated line or shape in a predictable combination.
PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN: The arrangement of visual elements in an illustration. These include balance, contrast, emphasis, harmony, movement, rhythm, and unity. See individual entries.
PROPORTION: The size relationships of one part to the whole and of one part to another regarding size, quantity, or degree
RHYTHM: Intentional, regular repetition of lines, shapes, or colors to achieve a specific effect or pattern. One of the principles of design.
SYMMETRY: A kind of balance in which both sides of design are exactly alike. Humans have symmetrical balance. See also asymmetry.
TEXT: The printed words in the book.
TEXT LAYOUT: The position and placement of text.
TYPEFACE: The type or lettering used for the text.
UNITY: A principle of design that connects a variety of elements of art and principles of design into a work of art with harmony and balance. One of the principles of design. VARIETY: Variety is the combination of one or more elements of art in different ways to create interest. One of the principles of design.


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